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The DXP  Functional Trainer offers resistance training with freedom of motion to increase core strength, balance, stability, and coordination. Designed with a compact footprint and low height to fit any fitness facility, the DXP P Series Functional Trainer is easy to use. 

This machine ergonomically adjusts to you, so you are always in the right position to work out the most efficinet and effective way possible. 

The unique pulley system with one handed ergonimc handle easily adjusts to mor than 30 starting positions, allowing unlimited exercises. 

Functional training allows strength training to be ore applicable to everyday movements of the body and sports-specific training. The DXP P Series Functional Trainer helps you build strong core, improved balance, stability an coordinatino, and increase overall strenght. 

The Weight stacks are fully enclosed and conceal an protect the moving parts. This has a 1:2 ration resistance factor, meaning you feel a functional resistance weight of half that of the selected weight. The actual single stack is 180 Lbs, which is 90 Lbs functional resistance. The actual combined weight for both stacks is 360 Lbs, which is 180 lbs functional resistance. 

The equipent space requirements are: 

53 w x 48 d x 85 h 

The machine weight is: 

672 Lbs

Full Commercial Warranty: Limited Life Time Frame, 10 year Cable and Pulleys From Workmanship, 30 Day Attachments

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