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Flooring solutions fit for any gym


Whether your members are going to their first-ever yoga class or working to hit a new PR, their success begins with your flooring. performance surfaces absorb shock, prevent falls, and are easy to clean, making the gym a safer, more comfortable place. 





Find the most durable floor for your commercial gym or fitness studio,  Discover your options in rubber gym flooring, turf gym flooring and more.

There’s no better feeling than finally opening that fitness studio you’ve been dreaming of or at last getting to do that big remodel in your gym. Whether you’re starting from scratch or rebuilding your established gym, it’s a huge and sometimes overwhelming process.

The thing we see time and time again is gym owners having purchased all of their equipment and at the last minute remembering, “Oh yeah, I have to have a floor!”

Flooring just isn’t typically the exciting part. Or, at least, not the part at the forefront of people’s minds.

I may be biased, but personally, I think the floor is the most important piece in your commercial gym. It’s important to choose a floor that can protect both your athletes’ joints and your subfloor from the demands of varied rigorous fitness routines.

Unless you have a very specific niche, chances are there is going to be a wide variety of workouts taking place in your gym. It’s important to choose a gym flooring option versatile enough to handle everything from floor exercises to Olympic weightlifting.

Upgrade Home Gym Flooring Options

So you’re ready to build your home gym, so you can finally get in your workout even when you can’t make it to the local gym. But wait! There’s one critical piece that is often forgotten – your floor!

The floor is one of the most essential pieces in your home gym. It’s important to choose a floor that can protect both your joints and your subfloor from the demands of your fitness routine.

Start building your gym with our top options for the best home gym flooring. Use this guide to choose from rubber, foam, carpet, turf, or vinyl, and find the best option for you.