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Cybex 750A Arc Trainer

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Cybex 750A Arc Trainer 



The Cybex 750A is the perfect home gym equipment being compact and versatile. Like many Cybex elliptical, the 750A has three exercise zones depending on the incline and levels of resistance. Thus the Cybex 750A can be considered as a three-in-one gym equipment. The 750A also makes use of the Same Side Forward (SSF) function which is patented by Cybex, which results to optimal posture and thus eliminates back fatigue on the part of the exerciser. Another impressive feature of the Cybex 750A is its ability to target muscles with its broad levels of incline and resistance, making it ideal for professional athletes and casual gym goers alike.

Features at a Glance:

  • 20 total workout programs
  • Monitors calories burned, distance covered, total time, heart rate
  • Stride length of 24 inches
  • Front drive type with Eddy current brake system
  • With pivoting foot plate and cup holders


The Cybex 750A holds a lot of similarities with the Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer. Both machines are load dependent, meaning that the resistance provided is adjusted according to the weight of the exerciser. For example, a 250-pound guy and a women weighing just 100 pounds get the same workout when they use the same program levels. Both the 750A and 750AT Arc Trainer employ the Reverse arc motion which is patented by Cybex. This technology allows the legs of the exerciser to move correctly, thus lessening stress to the knees while allowing total range of motion to the hip and knees. Although the Cybex 750A and Cybex 750AT are mirror-images of each others in terms of features, the latter is available in custom colors something which the 750A does not have. Still, the Cybex 750A is a high quality workout machine that is worth the price tag and makes for a good gym equipment for serious bodybuilders.


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