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Creating an Ideal Workout Space for Multi-Unit Developments

Creating an Ideal Workout Space for Multi-Unit Developments

Jul 10th 2024

My name is Jose Hernandez, and I've been immersed in the fitness industry since 2003, starting my journey at the age of 20. Throughout my career, I have sold, set up, and serviced gyms, dedicating my life to helping people achieve their fitness goals.

The Importance of Workout Spaces in Multi-Unit Developments

Looking at the generational trends over the last 50 years, the number of gym-goers has only increased—from 6% of Boomers, 24% of Gen Xers, to a staggering 76% of Millennials who currently belong to a health club. The trend suggests that the upcoming Gen Z population will further increase these numbers over the next decade. Younger generations value the convenience of working out at home or nearby, making a competitive workout space crucial to attracting renters or buyers in multi-unit housing facilities.

Ideal Setup for Resistance Training

One of the biggest challenges with multi-unit housing workout spaces is the base. When designing a workout space for resistance training, it’s essential to consider both upper body and lower body equipment. Even in limited spaces, dual-use units that are commercial-grade, such as a press that can double as a leg press with just a chair adjustment or a lat pulldown that also functions as a row machine, can be highly effective.

Expert Advice on Equipment Selection

A common mistake developers make is underestimating the popularity of the gym itself and skimping on initial investments. They should focus on future-proofing the space to avoid expansion problems later. Ensuring a well-equipped gym from the start will save time, money, and effort in the long run.

Current Market Trends

Connected cardio products are gaining popularity. While not all cardio equipment needs to be connected, having some in the facility ensures it stays up-to-date with industry trends. Incorporating modern, connected fitness equipment can attract tech-savvy users and enhance the overall appeal of the workout space.

CSM Fitness USA’s Role

At CSM Fitness USA, we start by advising clients on current trends, followed by creating a 3D layout to maximize the use of the available space. Currently, we are working on two exciting projects. One in the Providence area involves a ground-up build where we collaborated with the architect for almost a year to perfect the facility, which will be ready by August. Another project in southern Florida required updating an outdated facility. We optimized the space by reducing the amount of equipment without sacrificing functionality and added a stretch area, bringing the gym up to 2024 standards.

Future of Fitness Spaces

I foresee fitness spaces in multi-unit developments becoming larger and more luxurious over time. These spaces will likely rival high-end hotels like the Ritz. To stay ahead, we at CSM Fitness USA ensure we have the latest equipment available and continuously educate ourselves on market trends.