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StairMaster Keeps Climbing with Launch of the 8Gx

StairMaster Keeps Climbing with Launch of the 8Gx

Aug 18th 2022

Core Health & Fitness, an industry leader in commercial fitness products, is excited to announce its latest product launch: the StairMaster 8Gx.

As pioneers of the StepMill approaching their 40th anniversary, StairMaster continues to create trend forward, innovative products that challenge members to push past their limits.

The new StairMaster 8Gx provides a superior combination of cardio and strength training with features like an all-new drivetrain, deeper, wider step surface, rust-free polypropylene construction, and ergonomic handrails. This combination of quality and innovation delivers a workout that is quite literally a step up compared to other climbers in the market.

“We’ve been able to take learnings from our top-of-the-line 10G and apply them to our base commercial model,” says Travis Vaughan, Senior Director of Product Management & Technology at Core Health & Fitness. “The new 8Gx has a modernized look, and an all-new drivetrain for smoother, quieter and more durable performance.”

Stair climbing is among the fastest growing categories in fitness. This exercise modality is great for both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and allows users to build strength while getting an intense cardio or HIIT workout. With its ability to appeal to such a broad audience, it’s no surprise that stair climbing continues to grow in popularity amongst gymgoers.

“We’ve found that users lean towards high intensity, efficient workouts, which is why StepMills are such an appealing exercise,” says Ella Verhees, Product Manager of Main Floor Cardio at Core Health & Fitness. “You can pack a lot of work in a short amount of time.”

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