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Woodway 4Front Treadmill

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Woodway 4Front Treadmill 

The 4Front is not just a treadmill; it is our commitment to providing the most innovative, longest lasting, and most comfortable treadmill solution to all of your fitness needs. The 4Front represents everything we have learned so far and everything we aspire to be as a company. It is the next generation in a long line of products that feature exceptional comfort and versatility courtesy of WOODWAY's patented Slat Belt running surface. The 4Front was designed to mimic the feel of running outdoors and to provide the user with a dynamic, low impact workout every time.

The refurbished unit comes with a brand new belt, that is a $2,000 dollar value. Please note, should you order the refurbished unit the belts are backordered until July of 2022. Your order would not ship to you until August of 2022. 


  • Menu driven color LCD screen
  • 10 preprogrammed workouts
  • Ability to create custom user workouts (up to 99)
  • Fitness testing (pre-loaded U.S. Military, Medical & Fire Department protocols)
  • Network capable along with usage monitoring
  • Multiple LED Readouts (speed, incline, distance, calories, time, pace, heart rate, and METs)
  • Emergency stop magnet and safety lanyard
  • Polar monitor circuitry – integrated heart rate monitoring
  • Advanced Slat Belt shock absorption
  • Life expectancy of running surface 150,000 to 200,000 miles
  • USB port for exporting workout data and charging mobile devices
  • PORTS: USB, HDMI and COAX but HDMI has limitations.
  • Network capability is just for saving workout data or updating the unit.
  • Programs are customizable so you can adjust the speed/resistance according to your preference.

  • Weight Capacity: 400lb Run / 800lb Walk
  • Dimensions: 35" W x 72" L x 64" H
  • Weight: 455lb
  • Running Surface: 22" W x 68" L
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