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HAND BUILT in the USA, the TRUEFORM.RUNNER™ curved manual treadmill is recognized by professional athletes across the globe as the most natural running and sprint-training tool ever made. This ionic, non-motorized running machine is over-engineered and hand-built to provide a lifetime of heavy commercial use.

Leading TRUEFORM's range of products, the TRUEFORM.RUNNER features Responsive Belt Technology™, which enables users to feel when their body is not in the optimal position for walking or running. Poor posture and form result in the belt moving slowly, while proper posture and form move the belt with ease.

You maintain complete control over acceleration and speed. The shallow curve at the front of the treadmill offers no artificial help to the runner in moving the belt, while the equally shallow curve at the rear provides the user with the control often missing in manual treadmills with a flat back.  Because of the shallow and symmetrical nature of the curve, users will excerpt more energy running on a TRUEFORM.TURF™ than on a motorized and most other curved treadmills, resulting in measurably improved on-field performance. 

The RUNNER's self-propelled belt is ideal for HIIT, sprint, or long-distance running. You power the belt and maintain complete control over acceleration and speed. The shallow curve will extract more energy than a deeper curve or motorized belt, resulting in improved on-the-road performance. The symmetry of the curve provides the user with the highest level of control over their FORM and speed, enabling them to focus on core recruitment and what's beneath their feet, keeping them in better dynamic balance often lost when trying to keep up with a belt.



The iconic TRUEFORM.RUNNER™ is over-engineered and hand-built in the USA. It can easily handle users up to 700 lbs, or 450 lbs running at full speed. With a best-in-class warranty The Runner will provide a lifetime of heavy commercial use and can be fully customized to proudly reflect your facility, business, team, or gym.


Made in the USA

Yes (Chester, CT)



Zinc Plated Undercoat /
Textured Powder Coat Finish


Custom Branding

Custom Frame Paint and Decals to reflect your branding is an option



Tread Surface

Bonded Kraiburg® Thermolast
Overmold Elastomer


Tread Options

5/8”/1.59 cm depth
Artificial Turf or
Rubberized Red/Blue Running Track, Naboso™



Handles and wheels
for ease of movement




Uses Electricity




Maximum Load/
User weight

700 lbs (317 kgs) walking
or 450 lbs (204 kgs) running top speed



Calories used compared to a motorized treadmill

43% more




64" x 36" x 63"
163 x 91.5 x 160cm



Running Surface

17" wide x 54” long
43 cm wide x  137 cm long

Height of Deck
from Ground

28 cm


Unit Weight

350 lbs
159 kgs


Shipping DIMs

70” x 40” x 21” and 400lbs
178 x 102 x 53 cm and 181 kgs



Inner Frame

Formed and Welded
7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel


Outer Frame

Formed and Welded
7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel



Formed and Welded
7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel



2"/5 cm
Formed Steel Tubing


Handrail Uprights

6"/15 cm
Formed Steel Tubing



Polyurethane with Steel Radial


Tread Lower

Fiberglass reinforced nylon



106 Sealed
Steel Ball Bearings



Turned and Tooled
Solid Aluminum



Bright LED Rechargeable Battery (BT Optional)


Performance Adapter

Available Option